Regency Clinic Cheltenham

The Regency Chiropractic Clinic in Cheltenham

Cheltenham Chiropractic ClinicThe Regency Chiropractic Clinic is a unique clinic which prides itself in fulfilling all the qualities needed to reduce symptoms, restore function and prevent reoccurrence of an injury.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare, incorporating a number of different healthcare disciplines within the clinic.  These can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care, or offered as individual therapies.  Our other specialist treatments include physiotherapy, massage and podiatry.  We also have a rehabilitation suite run by our physiotherapist, as well as pilates classes and one-to-ones.

What we treat

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain
Head Aches
Car-accident neck sprain injuries
Sporting Injuries
Fracture & trauma rehab
Post-operative rehab
Pregnancy issues and babies

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Chiropractic – assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all joints and muscles in the body, particularly those of the spine.  Using a technique called ‘adjusting’ or ‘manipulation’, our Cheltenham chiropractors treat the cause of the pain and focus on managing the problem to prevent reoccurrence

Physiotherapy – assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all joints and muscles in the body using a variety of hands on techniques, including manual therapy, massage, acupuncture and ultrasound. Our Cheltenham Physiotherapist also offers individual rehab sessions for  post operation or injury/trauma

Massage - including:

  • Sports Massage – intense soft tissue work to reduce muscle tension, aid the repair of damaged tissue and restore to normal function and fitness
  • Balancing Massage – deeply relaxing and balancing remedial treatment with deep soft tissue work and structural realignment
  • Hot Stone Massage – relaxing and indulgent massage treatment using heat retaining volcanic stones.  Hot and Cold stones can also used within a Balancing Massage treatment

Podiatry – a medical specialty that focuses on the management of foot problems

Rehabilitation - one to one training is given to strengthen weak / damaged areas within the clinic’s own spinal strengthening and rehabilitation gym

X-Ray – in addition to a Chiropractic examination, when required for detailed visual analysis. Available to clinic patients and also patient referral

Pilates - a system of exercises designed to strengthen all the muscles in the body, especially the core (deep) muscles in the back and shoulder area.  Group and one-to-one sessions available

Treating the source of your pain……………………….

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