Back Care Class

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Our BACK CARE class is designed specially for those people who have back, neck, shoulder or joint pain issues or need special attention when exercising. Maybe you want to work preventatively with more guidance and attention.

This is a gentle class different to a regular Pilates or Yoga class that will be a focus on strengthening the core at a much slower pace allowing you time to recruit the deep muscles of the core correctly, understanding how we stabilise the Pelvic and Shoulder girdles and a look at our postural habits and breathing.

We use supportive props and look at flexibility patterns in the body and how specifically tight muscles can prohibit the right muscles doing the right job. We hope that you build a toolbox of exercises that will support you in your own rehabilitation or prevention.

What you would expect:

  • Develop an understanding to what exercises are specifically good for you.
  • Cross communication with your Physiotherapist, Doctor, Chiropractor or Osteopath.
  • Individual attention and time for queries
  • Alternative Modification’s
  • An understanding of how and WHY we use props.
  • Small one-hour Classes
  • Experienced teacher trained in modalities of Stretch Therapy, Pilates, & Advanced Yoga Training

6 week Courses – places very limited.

Thursdays 2pm – 3pm

Call reception on 01242 222111 to find out when the next course starts.

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