Chicken, Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew, with Polenta, Peppers & Feta

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This warming casserole is hearty but not heavy – a very satisfying winter dish. Serves 4 Ingredients: • 1 medium chicken • 175gms chorizo chopped • 1 tin tomatoes • 400gms of butter beans (soak and cook if using dried) • 1 onion • 2 garlic cloves • 1 stock of celery • 1 medium carrot • 2 bay leaves …

low back pain

How To Treat Low Back Pain

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One continually growing health issue across the developed world, is low back pain, with millions of people reporting the condition and businesses suffering losses through employee absences. In the UK it reported that low back pain is responsible for 37-44% of all chronic pain disorders and is estimated the effects of low back pain costs the economy £12-13 billion annually.* …

Back Pain In Older Adults

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The theme of BackCare Awareness Week this year (8th-12th October 2018) is ‘Back Pain in Older Adults’. BackCare states, ‘Back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions among older adults aged 60 years and older. Many causes of lower back pain are age-related with physical and psychosocial changes. There is a distinct lack of awareness, especially in older …

massage child

Sports Massage & Children – Why Would They Need It?

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Massage therapist Hannah Gamble tells us more. Many people think children don’t need sports massage and are immune to tight muscles and scar tissue build up. Why do they think this? Because children are invincible….aren’t they? Many children take part in regular, quality-level sport and the amount of training they do seems to have increased in the last decade. This …

The Importance of Exercise for Children

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Starting out in life being active has a huge impact on the rest of ones life. Encouraging and supporting children in all physical activities benefits them in a number of ways. 10 reasons to get your kids active from an early age: Daily activity and exercise helps prevent childhood obesity and results in a higher percentage of continued activity into …

Children and Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractor, Mel Folly explains how chiropractic treatment can be used on children. Children do suffer many aches and pains during childhood, where their bodies are growing and developing rapidly, especially from 8-16 years. We often hear the words ‘growing-pains’, and these are usually due to the unequal growth of bones and muscles, where muscles are put under pressure and are …

Katie Yoga Class

Yoga Update For September

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Frankie Street, our awesome yoga teacher, is soon to get married and is then away on a fantastic honeymoon – so we won’t be seeing her for the whole of September.  We send her our best wishes for a super day and holiday to follow! We have two lovely ladies covering her classes while she is off; Jeni Howley on …

severs in active children

Heel Pain in Children – Sever’s Disease

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Sever’s Disease – What Is It And What Can Be Done? By Hannah Gamble (Sports Massage Therapist) Despite sounding quite scary, Sever’s disease is a common heel injury that effects children between the ages of 8 and 15, most regularly seen between 9 and 12/13. It usually occurs during a growth spurt in physically active/sporty children and can be very …