Camping & Back Pain

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Nearly 50% of the UK’s population has suffered from or does suffer from some degree of back pain. This is often reported to be worse in the mornings, especially getting out of bed. Lack of sleep can make us grumpy at the best of times, but couple that with back pain and the enjoyment of a camping trip can be more than a little marred.

If this sounds familiar, then extra considerations would be useful if you are off on a camping trip this summer.

Here are our top tips for surviving your nights under canvas back pain free:camping back pain

1) Break the journey. If you are travelling a long way to your campsite, it would be wise to have a short stop on route to stretch out and move.
2) When you arrive, try not to immediately dive into pitching the tent, instead take a walk around to check out the campsite, choose your pitch, allowing your body to warm up and mobilise through the spine.
3) Drive to your pitch if possible, to avoid having to carry your tent, bags and all the gear too far.
4) When lifting and moving your kit, bend your knees, lift close to the body and try not to lift and twist at the same time. Spread the load and ask for help.
5) Choose your pitch, avoiding uneven ground and any stones or debris that could be under your bed area.
6) When pitching the tent, you spend a lot of time bending over tent pegs, unpacking and sorting. Where possible do this on your hands and knees, to relieve pressure through your back.
7) Use a good quality mat or airbed – some retailers will allow you to try before you buy. And if you have space, pack your own pillow.

Hopefully by applying one or two of our tips above, you will feel the benefits and only be woken by the morning light or the birds, rather than a painful back.

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