Gentle Somatic Yoga

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Gentle Somatic Yoga is a combination of Somatic Movement Therapy with gentle Yoga. This class will gently explore full range of comfortable movement throughout the body; aiming to reduce tension and eliminate pain. The Somatic exercises will strengthen and mobilise joints enabling the body to achieve ‘mindfulness in motion’ aiming to disperse painful muscular tension, move freely and regain correct …

Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)


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Pigmentation Melanin is the substance responsible for determining skin colour. It may be concentrated in some areas more so than others, causing a darker appearance in skin. Darker skin types contain a more concentrated amount of melanin than paler skins. Hyperpigmentation UV exposure stimulate cells to produce pigment called melanin. This increases the amount of pigment in skin.   Photodamage …

Lacuna Method – Results Looking Positive

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After announcing our new treatment for fungal nails last month, we are pleased with the results from our ‘trial toes’.  Clinic manager, Lucy, kindly offered to be a ‘model’ for chiropodist Louise, to test the treatment on, and she is really impressed by the results. Lucy says, “Having lived with rather ugly big toes for a few years now, I …

acne treatment

Acne Busting

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Written by Helen Cleland.  Helen Cleland Cosmetics – What is Acne? Acne is caused when hair follicles in the skin become blocked by the production of too much oil (sebum), as well as dead skin cells. This blockage can present in the form of a blackhead (open pore), whitehead (closed pore) or yellow pus-filled sacs which can be painful. Bacteria …

Get A Glow This Winter

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  Winter is the season for facial skin peels!  The Benefits of a Facial Peel:   Exfoliates – speeds up turnover of dead skin cells  Fades pigmentation, melasma and age spots, freckles  Improves skin texture  Improves acne scarring  Softens fine lines and wrinkles  Improves skin condition- acne and rosacea  Reduces pore size  May lighten dark eye circles  Your skin will glow …

Sports Massage Treatment

Massage Is Maintenance

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Massage is often deemed as an indulgent treat and perhaps for some, this is true.  But we can never avoid the healing ability of massage however luxurious it seems – massage simply put is beneficial to our health.There are many types of massage, but we wanted to discuss Sports Massage and why regular “maintenance” treatments are valuable. Massage works on the …

HIIT Pilates

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A combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates. HIIT means performing short bursts of intense activity which effectively work the entire body .The combination of switching from HIIT to Low intensity (more controlled movements on the mat ) makes for a dynamic workout that will have you breaking a good sweat and working the body to its maximum …

Golden Age Pilates

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  A combination of PILATES / STRETCH perfect for the senior body. It supports and enhances overall fitness, as well as daily activities. Pilates focuses on improving core strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance in the body along with strength and flexibility in the back and spine. As we age, it is common to see rounded shoulders, lack of core strength, …