Cheltenham Physiotherapy

Cheltenham Physiotherapy Our Cheltenham Physiotherapists will assess, diagnose and treat muscle, joint and nerve complaints to reduce pain and restore movement and function to as near normal as possible. Our physiotherapists use a variety of the latest hands-on techniques, along with personalised exercise therapy to facilitate the body’s natural healing. Rehabilitation programs are also designed and run by our physiotherapy team and full-body gait analysis sessions offered to runners.

We know that each patient has different needs. Our physiotherapists provide expert treatment and advice, utilising the latest of many techniques. These include manual therapy, massage, myofacial release and manipulation, acupuncture, K-taping and strapping, as well as the use of ultrasound and other electrotherapy modalities. Home exercises are then designed to get patients back to their optimal condition and pain-free living as soon as possible.

Common Conditions Treated:

  • Sprains, strains and pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint pain and stiffness including arthritis
  • Trauma and healing fractures
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Poor core stability and posture
  • Pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy related problems
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Migraines
  • Balance issues
  • Women’s health including incontinence

Running Assessments and Screening (incorporating gait analysis)

For runners of all abilities, we offer running assessments and screening for injury prevention.  This service is now offered by Personal Trainer, Katie Brighton-Jones, who will be looking at your running form, as well as examining muscle strength, flexibility and stability, which could improve your technique, efficiency and keep you injury free.  Personalised exercise advice and drills will be given at the end of the session.

Our experienced physiotherapy team

Matt, Tim and Sophie have a wide range of experience and between them covering all areas a patient could need. They treat all general conditions and rehabilitation, but Matt has a specific interest in sports injuries and optimising performance, and has extensive experience in return to play rehabilitation, while Tim has a particular interest in chronic pain, posture correction and shoulder injuries. Sophie has in-depth knowledge of core stability and women’s health including back and pelvic pain.

A full range of services to complement your physiotherapy treatment

If we think you would benefit from other therapies as well as physiotherapy we can recommend a combined treatment program. Massage therapy can relieve muscle tension and regular Pilates improves core stability. Our unique way of working as a healthcare team means referrals are all arranged easily to ensure you always receive the most effective care.

Our prices

  • Physiotherapy 45 min initial assessment – £48
  • Physiotherapy 45 min treatment – £47
  • Physiotherapy 30 min treatment – £42

We politely ask that fees are settled after each visit.

We advise patients that for cancellations within 24hrs we charge 50% of treatment fees.