Cheltenham Pilates Classes 

IMG_6033Graded - lo resOur Pilates classes help you to improve your strength and flexibility, as well as reducing stress – all in a beautiful setting in the centre of Cheltenham.

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to strengthen all the muscles in your body. The low impact form of exercise helps to improve posture by strengthening the core muscles and rebalancing the body. Pilates is open to all with exercises designed to put minimum strain on the body while still challenging its capabilities.

Can Pilates help you?

Regular Pilates helps to improve back problems – a common complaint – strengthening and stabilizing your spine from neck to lower back. Pilates also helps stretch and strengthen the stressed muscles caused by poor posture, such as slumping at your desk or holding your phone under your ear. Such muscle and joint stress patterns will cause further pain and degeneration if not addressed.

Choose from one-to-one sessions to work on your specific problems, or join our small classes for an effective all-over body workout.

Themed Pilates Classes

We also offer three themed Pilates classes:  HIIT Pilates (for high intensity, fat burning exercise), Golden Age (a slower more focused class) and a Back Care Class (a focused, back specific rehabilitation class)

Our Pilates instructors

Suzy is a qualified Pilates Instructor, teaching for over 10 years. Her classes and one-to-one sessions cover strength and flexibility, as well as pre and post natal, sports improvement and remedial work. For Suzy’s classes, please contact her directly on: 07508 854290 

Lisa is a qualified Pilates Instructor and ST Stretch Therapist.  She began her career as a Sports Massage Therapist 14 years ago and has since moved into body correction through exercise.  Her interest in body work, movement and anatomy are distinctly apparent in her passionate approach to teach people about their bodies, guide the progress of her clients and deliver results. For Lisa’s classes, please contact her directly on: 07766 880701

Corina is a very intuitive Pilates Instructor who has spent most of her teaching career in South East Asia.  She has a background in Personal Training before moving into the more specific practice of Pilates, to focus  on functional / corrective core and rehabilitation work.  She is a very calm, hands on instructor who certainly makes you work! For Corina’s classes, please contact her directly on: 07493 633812

Seth is a qualified Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer and has been working within the field of exercise for over 20 years.  He has a passion for Pilates and aims to help all of his clients reach their personal fitness goal. For Seth’s classes, please contact him directly on: 07824 880725 

Class Timetable

Visit our studio timetable page.

Our prices

  • Pilates Class 6o mins – £10
  • Pilates one-to-one session 60 mins – £45

Fees are settled directly with your instructor.