Cheltenham Podiatry

We provide a professional podiatry service in Cheltenham to resolve your lower limb and foot problems, including in-house orthotics management.IMG_9158

Podiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the management of foot problems. Often treatment involves foot orthotics – specially designed insoles – affecting not only your feet but also bringing beneficial effects to your legs, back and overall posture. With our on-site workshop, we have total control over the shape and comfort of your orthotics. Any alterations are done quickly and free of charge.

As part of a podiatry assessment, your gait is analysed on our treadmill, where we look at the movement of your foot in its normal walking or running action.* These results help fine tune the ultimate shape and design of your orthotics, giving very impressive results.

Can podiatry help you?

The foot has a major influence on how you walk and stand; its healthy functioning is vital for a properly functioning leg and back. Problems with shins, calves, knees and back problems can all be greatly improved by podiatry treatment and assessment, as well as poor foot function itself.

Our podiatrist

Lawrence has experience in all areas of biomechanical podiatry including orthotic prescription and manufacture, sports injuries and children’s foot and walking problems. He works with referrals or directly with new patients.  Lawrence also treats general foot and nail problems, see chiropody page.

Services to complement your podiatry treatment

If we think you would benefit from other therapies as well as podiatry, we can recommend other treatments. Massage can release tight muscles in the lower limbs and physiotherapy can improve muscle strength. Our unique way of working as a healthcare team means referrals are all arranged easily to ensure you always receive the most effective care.

Cheltenham Podiatry* If you require a running gait analysis/running screening, a dedicated session is available from our physiotherapist, Katharina or personal trainer, Katie.

Our prices

  • Podiatry consultation – £47
  • Custom made orthotics package – £314
  • Second Pair of orthotics – £99
  • Pre-fabricated orthotics – £48
  • Follow up appointments – £38

We politely ask that fees are settled after each visit.

We advise patients that for cancellations within 24hrs we charge 50% of treatment fees.