Cheltenham Yoga Classes

Yoga will help you to increase flexibility, strengthen your joints, improve your posture and fitness, as well as improve your general wellbeing through relaxation and mindfulness.

Our Teachers are experienced with both the practice of yoga, as well as class instruction and she is warm and welcoming to all, helping you develop your yoga at your own pace.

We offer a flowing Vinyasa inspired style class with Frankie.  Jeni offers a different style class, focused on releasing tension and regaining movement patterns – Gentle Somatic Yoga – please click through to read more about this class.

Yoga Class

Cheltenham Yoga ClassesDuring our yoga classes, you will not only be warming up the body and working into any tight areas, but adding strength to the body by working on the core and stabilising the joints. It will be a flowing sequence to increase circulation around the body, followed by alignment based static poses which lengthen and strengthen the muscles, ending in relaxation to help reset the nervous system.  The classes are suitable for all levels, and modifications will be offered to people with restricted mobility.

As yoga is not only a physical practice but a mental one too, there will be an element of mindfulness at the beginning of each class to clear the mind and to help to reduce the stresses of everyday life.

Frankie Street is a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher having completed her further studies under Jason Crandell. She is very alignment focussed in her classes, and understands the benefits of a safe, strong yoga practice. She believes that yoga is not just for the few that can bend themselves into pretzels, but for anyone looking to add a bit of clarity to their mind, and agility and strength to their body.

If you think this yoga class is not suitable for you, take a look at our Gentle Somatic Yoga.  A combination of Somatic Movement Therapy with gentle Yoga. This class will gently explore full range of comfortable movement throughout the body; aiming to reduce tension and eliminate pain. The Somatic exercises will strengthen and mobilise joints enabling the body to achieve ‘mindfulness in motion’ aiming to disperse painful muscular tension, move freely and regain correct movement patterns.

Can Yoga help you?

Regular Yoga practice can help to:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Improve posture
  • Keep joints healthy & supple
  • Improve circulation and increase lymph drainage
  • Alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Induce a feeling of calm & relaxation
  • Improve pain management
  • Boost immunity and aid healing


  • 60 min class – £10
  • Private yoga classes available with Frankie – 1-to-1 £45 or 1-to-2 £60

To confirm your space in the class, payment is taken in advance.

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