Children and Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractor, Mel Folly explains how chiropractic treatment can be used on children.

Children do suffer many aches and pains during childhood, where their bodies are growing and developing rapidly, especially from 8-16 years. We often hear the words ‘growing-pains’, and these are usually due to the unequal growth of bones and muscles, where muscles are put under pressure and are stretched uncomfortably, before they catch up with the new bone length. We have found massage treatment can help to reduce these ‘pains’.

But, although less common, children can experience joint pain and discomfort – and we can help!Childs neck palpation

Chiropractic is a safe, effective treatment for individuals of all ages, right from birth. We aim to ensure that the musculoskeletal system is functioning as well as individually possible, helping our patients to live and move comfortably at every stage of their lives.

Children can develop joint problems as a result of a number of situations, a trauma during development, (such as a car accident, falling from a tree/bike etc, or even just simple bumps and bruises), or more postural and sport related issues. Children often sit too long in a day – hours at school, then at home for homework and gaming/TV, and are now developing more neck issues due to looking down at a handheld device for lengthy periods. Good posture, whether sitting or standing will go a long way to help prevent joint pain. Likewise, children who are very sporty are training hard and often not giving their bodies a break to allow recovery. Over working muscles continually (which are under pressure from growth already), can inadvertently cause joint tightness or disfunction.

As a chiropractor, I will gently perform an evaluation to assess for any areas of tightness, restriction and asymmetry in a child. I use a variety of techniques and tools to be sure that young patients get the best chiropractic care, that is the safest and most effective for their individual situation (age and development). Joints can be mobilised and manipulated gently, and restrictive muscles and soft tissue can be released, all at a level suitable for the child.

My primary aim is always to establish that chiropractic treatment is suitable for the individual. So, I will assess every child carefully to ensure that Chiropractic treatment is the best and most appropriate option and work alongside / refer you to your GP if indicated.

Rest assured, I will always refer you back to your GP if I feel further test or investigations are required or if chiropractic treatment isn’t appropriate for your child.

If you would like to ask any questions about chiropractic treatment in children, please email Mel directly,

What Mel’s patients have to say:
Archie (aged 9) “She’s lovely!” “She was very kind and told me when she was going to do something – it didn’t hurt at all. It felt good afterwards.”
Harriet (aged 5) “I saw Mel because I fell off my pony and had a poorly back. She made it feel better and now I can go riding again”

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