Back Stretches

 Back,  Buttock (Glutes),  Stretch

Cat Stretch

On all fours, slowly push the spine up, through the shoulder blades.  Feel a stretch right through the spine.  Try to tuck your tailbone under to increase the stretch.

Swan Stretch (Lats)

On your knees, place your arms on the floor in front of you and relax into the stretch.  Take the arms over to one side and feel the stretch in the Lats (side of back)

Lats & QL

Slide your arm slowly down your thigh, stretching the opposite side of the back.  To progress, take the opposite arm up and over, making the stretch stronger.

Pelvic Tilt

Sitting tall, hips directly vertical, slowly tilt hips forwards (causing more curvature at the bottom of the spine) and backwards (flattening the back and opening the vertebrae) – gently mobilising and stretching the lower back.