Buttock (Glutes) Stretches

 Buttock (Glutes),  Stretch

Buttock (Glutes – Piriformis)

Seated – cross ankle over opposite thigh, knee out to the side.  Lean directly forward gently until you feel a stretch in the buttock.

Lying – cross ankle over opposite thigh, put hands around supporting leg and draw towards you until you feel a stretch in the opposite buttock.

Hurdle Stretch – Buttock (Glutes -Piriformis)

Go down onto one knee, bend the front leg, tucking it back towards you, while dropping down sliding the back leg straight.  Feel the stretch in the buttock on the bent leg side.

Buttocks (Gluteus Medius)

Pull knee across body towards opposite shoulder.  Can be performed seated in a chair.

Buttocks (Glutes) and Lower Back

Arms out stretched.  Take knee directly across body.  For a further stretch, take both arms in the opposite direction to knee.