Neck and Shoulder Stretches

 Neck,  Shoulder,  Stretch

Chin Tuck

Looking directly ahead, drop the chin slightly so that your neck is in a neutral position.  Then tuck your chin backwards towards your neck (drawing back, not dropping it), keep facing forward.


Placing your hand on your head, gently pull the head down until you feel a stretch at the base of the skull.

Levator Scapulae

Looking down to your side/hip, gently pull the head downwards, feeling a stretch at the side of the neck/shoulder.  Slowly turn to look under your armpit to progress the stretch.


Looking straight ahead, gently pull your head to the side (ear to shoulder).  Feel the stretch directly down the side of the neck.


Turn head to one side, looking over shoulder.  Depress the other shoulder, feeling a stretch in front of shoulder/neck.  Raise the chin to deepen the stretch.

Wall Walking / Shoulder Mobility

Gently walk your fingertips up the wall and in all directions to promote shoulder mobility.   (click on picture for full image)