Shoulder Strengthening

 Shoulder,  Strengthen

Wall Angels

Stand against a wall, keep your elbows and (if possible) your wrists in contact with the wall at all times as you slide your elbows up the wall (aiming to touch your fingers above your head) and back down to your sides again.  Do not arch your back.

Wall Walking / Shoulder Mobility

Gently walk your fingertips up the wall and in all directions to promote shoulder mobility.   (click on picture for full image)

Internal Medial Rotation

Standing with the band to the side of the shoulder you are working, keep your elbow tight to your waist as you pull the band across your body (the arm pulling inwards). Slowly return and repeat.

Lateral Rotation

Standing with the band to your side, but the other side of the shoulder you are working, pull the band across the body (the arm working outwards), keeping the elbow into your waist. Slowly return and repeat.

Shoulder Extension

Stand with the band in front of you and reach to hold it. Pull directly back towards the body until the hand is by your side. Slowly return and repeat.

Lateral Extension Rotation Combined with Abduction

Pull the band diagonally across the body, keeping the lower arm horizontal, then at shoulder height, rotate the arm until the lower arm is vertical.  Slowly return and repeat.


Standing with the band behind you, with elbow bent, punch directly forwards. Slowly return and repeat.

Seat Belt On

Standing with the band (tied high) to the side you are working, pull the band down and across the body, putting more weight onto the opposite leg (see image) mimicking putting a seatbelt on. Slowly return and repeat.

Seat Belt Off

Standing with the band (tied low) across your body away from the shoulder being worked, pull it up and across, mimicking taking your seat belt off. Slowly return and repeat.

Scapular Control Exercise (Rhomboids)

Standing with arms straight, hands against the wall at shoulder height, gently draw the shoulder blades together, activating the muscles between the blades (Rhomboids). Relax and repeat. This can be progressed by performing on hands and knees, or with hands on a gym ball.