Upper Leg Stretches

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Hip Flexor

Kneeling on one knee, step the front foot forwards into a slight stretch at the hip, then gently move the hips and body forward, opening the angle of the legs.  Stretch is felt at the top of the back leg/front of hip, do not arch your back.

This can be performed standing, taking a large step forward, dropping the back knee, raising the back heel.  With your tail bone tucked under, sink the hips down, opening the angle of the legs, feeling the stretch again at the front of hip/upper leg.


Standing – step forward and place your heel on the ground (toes up), with your back straight, gently sink the knee of the supporting leg until you feel a stretch at the back of the other leg (knee to buttock). Click picture to see full image.

Lying – lie flat on the ground and raise one leg up (as straight as possible).  Draw the leg towards the body with your arms, a towel looped around the leg or supported against a wall/door frame as shown.  Feel the stretch at the back of the leg (knee to buttock)


Supporting yourself against a wall if needed, pull your foot towards your bottom, feeling a stretch at the front of the thigh.  Keep your hips straight and your knee pointing directly down to the ground (don’t tilt forwards).


Standing – taking your legs wider than shoulder width, lean over to one side, opening the legs further and stretching the inner thigh.  Lean your weight through the bent leg.

Sitting – bend knees and put the soles of your feet together, gently encourage your knees towards the ground, feeling a stretch at the inner thigh.

IT Band

Holding tightly to a door frame, cross one leg behind the other and lean over the hip of the back leg – pushing your body weight out to the side.  Feel the stretch at the hip and down the outside of the thigh.