Kinnective – The Fascinating Fascia Treatment

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A number of Regency practitioners took part on the ‘Kinnective Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization’ (ISATM) course, held at the clinic recently, taught by renowned chiropractor, Donna Strachan – designer of the treatment tool.  This technique uses a small stainless-steel hand-held tool to break up adhesions in the body’s fascia.  It’s a ground-breaking piece of equipment and all practitioners were impressed with the results it can produce and have chosen to incorporate it within their treatment techniques.  Chiropractor, Nadene Lidington, tells us more.


You may be wondering what fascia is, and until the last 100 years, so were scientists.  It used to be thrown away during research dissections, but now is thought to be just as important as the joints, muscles, ligaments, discs and other key parts of the body.  Fascia is the body’s connective-tissue, a cobweb-like structure that surrounds EVERYTHING in our body – organs, bones, muscle etc – in one continuous film.  The white layer on a chicken breast that you are unable to cut through … that’s fascia.  It connects everything together to form a compact neat mechanism which can move freely.  But fascia is susceptible to adhesions and it is thought to have a property where pain or sensation caused by an adhesion can be transferred.  This explains why when you hurt yourself in a specific place, pain can spread to encompass larger areas or a totally different area over time.  This is a pain (quite literally), but don’t worry as we’ve got the ‘tool’ and the knowledge to take care of this.

Practitioners that are incorporating this into their treatments are chiropractors – Nadene, Hilary and Stuart; physiotherapists – Claire and Angela; and sports massage therapists – JJ, Megan and Matt.

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