Functional Core

coreCore stability is a name given to our central stability (our abdominals and lower back) where much of our movement derives from and where we absorb forces. A strong core is important for everyone – for everyday activities through to sporting performance, protecting the spine and giving you strength and support. This is why we are so keen on core strengthening at the clinic, by way of Pilates, Personal Training and Functional Core.

Functional Core will challenge your core in a more dynamic way than mat based Pilates. It integrates strength, mobility and active stability in all planes of movement. We all depend on being able to move our bodies forwards, backwards, sideways and twisting, but we often only exercise our core in one or two directions. The sessions are very active and challenging, aiming to connect you to your body and strengthen those weak stabilising areas in a more functional rather than static way.
This class aims to have participants working towards improving their posture through strength and flexibility, focusing on the whole body working as a unit. It aims to increase range of movement through the shoulders, hip mobility and stability and flexibility overall, as well as a strong functional core.

Classes take a circuit training format, using gym equipment such as medicine balls, bands, balls, steps and the fantastic TRX system. Sessions begin with a thorough warm up and mobilisation and include foam rollering either at the beginning or as part of the cool down/stretch.

Our instructor

Katie Brighton-Jones

Functional Core Class

Monday 7pm


  • 60 min class – £10

We politely ask that fees are settled after each visit.

We advise patients that for cancellations within 24hrs we charge 50% of treatment fees.