Gentle Somatic Yoga

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Gentle Somatic Yoga is a combination of Somatic Movement Therapy with gentle Yoga. This class will gently explore full range of comfortable movement throughout the body; aiming to reduce tension and eliminate pain. The Somatic exercises will strengthen and mobilise joints enabling the body to achieve ‘mindfulness in motion’ aiming to disperse painful muscular tension, move freely and regain correct movement patterns.

Somatic Movement is a system of neuro-muscular reprogramming – aiming to teach (re-educate) the body to regain control of its mobility, muscular contractions and recognise and reduce habitual movement patterns which can be damaging (ie movements we have learned/ceased to be able to control through repetition or injury.  A habitual movement pattern can be as simple as slouching when you sit – your body forgets how to activate the correct postural muscles to hold you upright, similarly, postural habits such as dropping your head forwards or slopping your weight through one hip as you stand, cause structural misalignments and a potential for pain/injury).

Classes are suitable for all, including the most athletic people looking to challenge and control their body’s movement, right through to those simply looking to improve flexibility in a gentle, controlled environment

Combining this therapeutic movement with yoga, we are able to release tension physically and mentally through movement.  It can help participants to live pain free and assist with issues including:
• Sports injuries
• Symptoms of physical traumas, injuries and operations
• Back and neck pain
• Other physical tension and pains
• Symptoms of MS, Parkinson’s and other conditions that affect muscular control and reflexes
• Increasing sporting performance
• Improve posture

Join Jeni on Tuesdays  6-7pm or Friday 11.30am.

Jeni Howland
With a passion for dance from a young age, Jeni has always had a physical practice. In her final year at a prestigious dance college her back “gave way” and that put paid to a career in dance. Whilst pursuing a career live events, Jeni started to look to more holistic modalities of movement and found Yoga. Almost 20 year later, having studied various styles of Yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Tantra, Iyengar and Kundalini, Jeni has also trained as a Dance Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Gymnast Coach, Systematic Kinesiologist and Somatic Movement Therapist. Jeni guides Yoga and Somatic Movement classes with keen attention to physical alignment, somatic awareness and holistic wellbeing.

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