High Heels & Party Feet

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Podiatrist, Lawrence Bevan, shares his view on high heels, and gives us some invaluable heel wearing tips.
It’s Christmas time and that, usually means parties, and that can mean party shoes. Whilst when it comes to high heels, my first advice would be – just don’t – I imagine I’m fighting a losing battle!
There’s good evidence from research, that increased heel height tends to greatly increase the pressure on the joints under the ball of the foot – particularly the smaller joints of the 2nd to 4th toes. This can inflame the joints, stretches the ligaments and damages the nerves. Higher heels also tend to increase the tilt through the pelvis, putting more strain on the lower back and will also lead to instability in walking which can result in ankle sprains or falls.
However, I know it doesn’t matter what I say, you’re going to do wear heels shoes anyway…so if you must, I would advise the following:
• keep the time to a minimum – consider taking or wearing something flat and comfortable to wear before or after your big event
• be careful of your balance, watch where you are putting your feet.
• try to find heeled shoes with a curved shape in the middle of the foot to give arch support, this helps reduce pressure under the balls of the feet
• open toed can be better to stop toes being squeezed
• padding under the ball of the foot is a good idea, but can make the shoe tight, try before you go out to assess
• as a rule, I’d keep the heel height to 2 inches or less and avoid platform styles with very thick or heavy soles, these are particularly unstable
• standing for long period in heels will put your calves and lower back under strain and cause muscles to tighten – take a break and sit/perch when you can. If possible, grab a moment to stretch things out.
• if you take you heels off to give your feet a rest – remember you have to put them back on (and this can be a squeeze) and of course, beware of other people who still have theirs

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