How Are Your Orthotics Made?

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By Podiatrist, Lawrence Bevan

Many clinics offer corrective insoles – orthotics – but not many provide a hand made service like we do here.  Lawrence Bevan has over 25 years of experience in correcting lower limb biomechanical issues.  His approach is hands-on, and only uses technology as a design aid, rather than as the full design tool like many others.

orthotic foot scan 1

3D Foot Scan

Lawrence explains what is involved in making your perfect orthotics.

There are many steps to making your bespoke orthotics, using both hands-on skills and computer technology.  During your appointment we take a physical impression of your feet, by correcting each foot into the most functional position and gently pressing it into a firm foam mould.  We then use a laser scanner to take a 3-dimensional image of your foot impression.

orthotic design

Designing the orthotic from 3D scan

This image is uploaded into our modelling software suite and from this we can build a digital design of your unique orthotic shape.  This is all done by us (as we know your feet) and takes a lot of time as we carefully build in all the corrective elements you need in your insole.  The shape is checked and re-checked until it is right.

We then send this digital file of your bespoke orthotic to our manufacturing partner, who mills it out of medical grade EVA using a computer-controlled mill.

orthotic modelling

Orthotic Modelling

The unfinished orthotic is sent back to us in a ‘block’ form and from this we spend time grinding, smoothing, hand-shaping and finishing the item.  All of this work is done by hand and in-house.  We add any extra finishing touches such as as a soft cover, pads or special additions as needed.


Finished Orthotic

We aim to produce the orthotics within two weeks, and there may be some minor adjustments to be made at fitting.  As you can see, each pair is a product of many ours work, but it is worth it to get the perfectly made orthotics, just for you.

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