If The Bra Fits…..Wear It!

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 ……………….If not – go shopping!

An astonishing 2/3 of women aren’t properly supported!  A bra not only supports the bust, but a good bra will also support the back and shoulders too.  So, wearing the wrong sized bra can result in musculoskeletal pain over time, along with the undesirable visible profile!
Many people choose a bra for aesthetics over performance – but there are options for the pretty as well as practical.  A bra should support your bust, spreading the weight between cup, underband and the shoulder straps.  It should be comfortably firm against the body, not too loose or too tight – as both of these come with their own problems.
A bra that is too tight can restrict proper breathing and movement through the ribcage.  This restriction can cause stiffness and often pain in the ribs or back.  Alternatively, if a bra is too loose, all the weight is taken by the shoulders, resulting in discomfort from the pressure as well as the straps digging in.  If there is insufficient support in the bra, it can cause women to lean forward and therefore put strain on the mid back/upper back.
Unfortunately, there are ladies who are self-conscious about their bust size and will try to hide their chest by hunching forwards – this has a terrible effect on their posture and will inevitably have a knock-on effect to back pain and even headaches.  There are bras in the marketplace which offer a minimising effect, so perhaps opting for these styles will help those less comfortable with their shape.
We would like everyone to be proud of their shape, and a well-fitted bra can offer great support, as well as comfort and shape, to help you stand tall.
Sports bras are essential during activity, but should be avoided for a daily option, due to the fact they are so restrictive.  Delicate bras can also be worn by everyone, but if you do need the support, it is not wise to wear these on a daily basis.
Bras do suffer from wear and repeated washing – they will stretch and lose their supportive properties and shape, so unfortunately, they do need replacing over time.  All brands fit slightly differently, so you do need to try before you buy.  We would suggest seeking advise on fitting, most good lingerie shops and departments offer this service (Bravissimo is our recommendation @lovebravissimo).
If you suffer from back pain due to poor posture, we can help – chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage can all alleviate back pain and our practitioners will advise you on exercises to assist with correcting your posture.

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