Just Being for 2019

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New Year is always a good time to take an honest look at yourself and make a positive plan for the year ahead. It’s time to get some perspective and make sure you are looking after yourself as well as everyone else!

Most of us seem to have increased pressures on our time, pulling us in every direction, spinning plates and worry about things getting dropped – this seems to be an ever-increasing spiral.

We can’t stress enough the importance of me time, call it ‘down time’ if you feel ‘me’ is too self-indulgent. Try and make some time to improve yourself – this could include meditation, education or rejuvenation. Down time, to properly relax or recharge, shouldn’t involve anything with a battery charger! Sitting at a screen, scrolling through social media, flicking through iPlayer or gaming may feel relaxing but can have toxic input to the mind and body. Just try ‘being’ instead! Yoga pose

Massage, yoga and Pilates can all offer benefits for the body and mind. Psychologically, massage, yoga and Pilates can help to clear the mind and settle body. Then there’s the physical results which they can bring – helping to increase blood flow (and energy), release tension, relive pain and promote wellbeing – and the list goes on! Regular exercise, specifically the strength, flexibility and breathing practice of yoga or Pilates, and the hands-on treatment of massage can help you stay on top of things; work or home stresses, poor posture, niggling pains, by just giving you the opportunity to stop and recharge. Let 2019 be a year where you focus on a more balanced you!

“I can’t tell you how much my monthly massage helps me stay calmer and more focused in everyday life – at work and home”

 “I know when I’ve missed a yoga class, both in body and mind – I feel stiff and grumpy!”

 “Pilates definitely helps to keep my back strong, it has improved my posture and I look forward to that weekly calming hour!”

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