Lacuna Method – Results Looking Positive

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After announcing our new treatment for fungal nails last month, we are pleased with the results from our ‘trial toes’.  Clinic manager, Lucy, kindly offered to be a ‘model’ for chiropodist Louise, to test the treatment on, and she is really impressed by the results.

Lucy says, “Having lived with rather ugly big toes for a few years now, I am so pleased that finally something seems to have worked.  I have tried numerous treatments, which were all superficial to the nail – creams and sprays.  Although they worked short time, the infection would return the moment I stopped applying the agent.  With this technique the treatment agent can actually reach the skin below the nail and you can really see we are finally getting somewhere.

I have been treating my nails daily, as requested by Louise, and she has been keeping an eye on the progress.  With the process taking anything up to 6 months, I am amazed to see the results so far at only 3 months.”

Louise added, “I trained in this treatment method because I had heard that it really was effective.  Fungal nail infections can be so stubborn, and other treatments really don’t give lasting results.  It is fantastic to finally be able to offer something with such as positive outcome.  I am really pleased with how the treatment has gone for Lucy and my other two test cases.”

See the results for yourself…..Lucy’s right big toe!

Lacuna Nail Treatment

First Nail Treatment

Lacuna Nail Treatment 2

Nail After Three Months

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