Balancing Massage

Balancing MassageBalancing massage, is a therapeutic treatment for stretching, mobilising and balancing the body. This massage improves muscle flexibility and performance as well as releasing tight structural barriers.  Despite it’s strength and depth, this treatment is also indulgent and relaxing. Each massage focuses on the client’s specific needs; a treatment can be primarily nurturing, or focus more on structural realignment.

If your massage is with Maxine, oriental techniques, such as Tui Na (Twee Na), Thai (Thai Yoga Massage) and Indonesian massage are likely to be incorporated within the treatment.

Can balancing massage help you?

By relieving muscle tension from all areas of the body, balancing massage helps to reduce stress, anxiety and ease aching and fatigued muscles. This massage is best suited to those who would like a deep massage, but not as specific and strong as a sports massage. It’s a more luxury massage, but with results!

For balancing massage your therapists are Maxine Bocock and Becky Medcalf.