Cheltenham Sports Massage

IMG_6245GradedSports, also termed remedial massage is a deep and specific therapy designed to both release tension and also restore soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Function, mobility and fitness can all be improved.

Offering something different…… two of the Regency Clinic therapists uniquely use hot stones within a sports massage to bring greater healing benefits. The heat increases muscle heat and blood flow to specific areas, reducing muscle tension. This style of hot stone massage is also recommended for chronic muscle pain and general stiffness (ask for Matt). Matt and Maxine are trained in Dry Needling and may use this within your treatment.

Maxine is trained in Oriental Therapies and incorporates Tui Na, Thai and Indonesian massage techniques into her sports/remedial treatment, as well as traditional acupuncture if desired.


Can sports massage help you?

Sports massage is not just for sports men and women! This intense treatment can improve general muscle mobility for all and reduce muscle pain as well as preventing regular injuries. Chronic problems, such as neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, leg pain or repetitive strain injuries can all benefit from sports massage. The treatment can also break down and remodel scar tissue.

For sports and remedial massage, your therapists are Matt Wagstaff, Hannah Gamble, Becky Medcalf and Maxine Bocock.