Combined Oriental Therapy

Combined Oriental Therapy is a powerful combination of all the oriental soft tissue techniques and manipulation alongside Chinese acupuncture to provide a most effective treatment.

The soft tissue techniques include: Tui Na (Twee Na), Thai (Thai Yoga Massage), Indonesian massage. Please see Oriental Massage page for more information.

Our oriental bodyworker is fully qualified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.  Specific Acupuncture appointments are also available (60mins for first appointment, 45mins follow up appointments)

The kind of conditions which benefit from combined oriental therapy are:

  • sports injury resulting in orthopaedic surgery: i.e. bucket handle tear of knee cartilage, cruciate ligament rupture, tennis elbow,
  • poor recovery from injury or surgery,
  • arthritis resulting in pain and reduced enjoyment of activities,
  • post-operative problems resulting from knee or hip replacement,
  • facet joint syndrome,
  • pain or reduced mobility arising from poor posture

Can combined oriental therapy help you?

People who haven’t responded well to other forms of therapy can find a dramatic improvement. Where pain and reduced mobility are making you miserable my treatment has an unrivaled ability to provide relief and help you return to those things you enjoy.

Benefits seen from this therapy include pain reduction and improvement in mobility, alongside many more. Simple exercises will be given to perform at home to regain mobility, as well as advice on making adjustments to daily activities to help you achieve tasks and reduce the risk of relapse.