Hot Stone Massage in Cheltenham

The hot stone massage we offer at the Regency Clinic is the use of stones within a deep tissue massage  (sports/remedial massage), with Matt.  The stones add relaxation to a sports/remedial or balancing massage and uses the power of heat to add extra healing properties to the treatment.  Smooth, heat retaining, basalt (volcanic) stones help to melt muscular tension and leave the body replenished and revived.

Hot stones are used within the massage, being held in the therapists hands and the heat of the stones can penetrate the muscles to a depth of about 3cm, making it easier for the therapist to perform a deep and specific, yet comfortable treatment.  Stones are used for trigger point work too.  Cold stones (from the freezer) can also be used alongside the heated ones to invigorate muscles, this technique is especially effective on the legs.

This style of hot stone massage is recommended especially for those with chronic muscle or joint pain and for general muscle stiffness, aches and pains.  It will also help with stress and anxiety and conditions such as arthritis where it can help to break the pain cycle.

Please note – it is not a holistic, spa style Hot Stone Massage.