RSI for Christmas – Painful, Persistent, but Luckily Preventable.

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Sufferers of RSI (repetitive strain injury) will have symptoms such as shooting pains in the hand, wrist and even into the forearms, or involuntary muscle spasms preventing them from writing (writer’s cramp) – not very helpful when you still have another 20 cards to write! 

Our top tips for avoiding RSI this Christmas: 

  • Use the right pen – make sure it’s comfortable to hold (not too fat or thin), freely running ink – not to scratchy or sticky (cheap pens often don’t write that well) 
  • Don’t over grip – squeezing too tightly is a major contributor to RSI.  Also try altering your grip fractionally – so you can still control your writing but changing the muscle usage 
  • Don’t over press – keep your writing light 
  • Take breaks – rest your hand/wrist and stretch it out.
  • Print your labels – this will save on a lot of unnecessary writing 
  • Clutter free – write your cards on a clear surface (at a comfortable height) 
  • Write on an inclined surface – this might help alleviate pressure through the wrist 
  • Sit up – poor posture can contribute to an RSI  

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