Running Gait Analysis & Movement Screening – let us help you achieve your running goal!

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Everyone can run, BUT your running style / technique can compromise several things:

  • Your performance output and rate of improvement
  • Your fitness levels
  • Your potential for injury / re-occurring problem

If you’re a beginner or elite athlete, injured or in peak condition, you can benefit from having your running style/gait assessed and amended/improved where necessary.

  • Many Physiotherapists offer running analysis
  • Personal Trainers offer training schedules
  • Sports Massage Therapists offer soft tissue work


Here at the Regency Clinic, we can offer three running specialists, either working with you individually or in conjunction to help you reach your running goal. So, whether you are injured, in rehab, struggling to improve your performance, or just starting out: – whatever your running needs, we can help!

Physiotherapist: Katharina Schaps

Katharina, has had experience of working with runners throughout her career (both in association with the London Marathon and in general practice), assisting with injury repair and prevention as well as working on performance.  She has recently attended a ‘Running Repairs’ course with the highly acclaimed Tom Goom, Running Injury Specialist. It was all about running injuries, the latest theories on how to manage them and how to adjust running gait for injured runners, especially those with tendinopathies.  Not all running injuries are associated with lower limbs (shin splints, knee pain), Achilles or plantar fascia, poor technique can result in other injuries sites such as hip, shoulder or even neck pain.
She offers a gait assessment, with a focus on injury treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.  Katharina will work with runners to a point where they are ready to work on more functional training and rehab, where she would suggest seeing Personal Trainer, Katie Brighton.
Running Screening and treatment: 45mins / £45

Personal Trainer: Katie Brighton

Katie has over 9 years of Personal Training experience, she is a keen athlete herself, competing in adventure races, triathlons and obstacle races – all involving a good deal of running strength as well as fitness.  She is a qualified Triathlon trainer and has been trained by ‘The Running School’ in DMS (Dynamic Movement Skills – aiming to improve balance, rhythm, coordination, speed and agility). She has combined all her knowledge and experience to create a totally unique running service.  Expect to be put through your paces!
Running Assessment and exercise programme: 60mins / £45

Sports Massage Therapist: Megan Stradling

Megan is an experienced massage therapist, who has worked at ‘The Running School’, assisting in assessments and training.  She has a keen interest in running, as well as the treatment and rehab of running injuries.  As a therapist and runner, Megan understand the dynamics involved in running injury and can work alongside Katharina and Katie to provide another important clinical service.
Sports Massage: 45 min / £40

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