Running Technique Analysis

For runners of all abilities, offer running assessments and screening (incorporating gait analysis) for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Physiotherapist Claire Coltman and Personal Trainer Katie Brighton-Jones both offer running specific assessments, which not only look at your technique, but examine your muscular strength, flexibility and stability.

Claire focuses predominantly on injury repair and prevention, treating runners’ injuries and identifying areas in their running style which might cause or exacerbate an injury.

Katie looks at your running efficiency and aims to develop your technique by improving balance, rhythm, coordination, speed and agility.

Both practitioners are professionally trained in running assessments – Claire with renowned biomechanist, Jason McClaren  and Trish Wisby-Roth, and Katie trained with the highly regarded ‘The Running School’ in DMS (Dynamic Movement Skills).  They each bring their own knowledge and experience to create their personal style of assessment, treatment and training.

Alex Conty is also experienced in assessing gait, running injuries and related biomechanical issues.


Physiotherapy Assessment – £65 (60mins)
Personal Training Assessment – £45 (60mins)