Stretch Therapy 

stretchImprove flexibility and posture, and learn more about your body.

Stretch Therapy is low impact, deep stretching of all the main muscles and muscle groups in the body.  Lisa Perry teaches the class in a calm and mindful manner, giving detailed instruction and cues to each pose and giving personal attention to each class member.

Stretching is progressive, beginning with simple poses often a standard stretch for a particular muscle, but these become more complex and compound over time.  Lisa ensures that everyone progresses at their own pace but will encourage participants to push themselves to find their limit.

With Stretch Therapy, Lisa will help to work out exactly where your restrictions are and improve flexibility in the chain of movement.  It is designed to help everyone – those who experience stiffness stemming from poor posture, lifestyle (for example desk/driving based jobs), or age; tightness post injury; or even to help with other disciplines, such as yoga, when you’re not flexible enough to get into a pose.  Unlock your potential!

Lisa Perry, Pilates and Stretch Therapy Instructor says,

“This system of stretch is the most remarkable work I have come across. It’s hard to answer the question what is stretch therapy, because I don’t want to bombard you with science.  But it is not just the science, individuals can perform great feats of flexibility, but nowhere can you find a stretch for that really tight muscle at the side and back of the neck. We work on a stretch for every area. I urge you try this out, feel it in your body it’s wonderful!”


60 min class – £10

To confirm  your space in the class, payment is taken in advance.