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If The Bra Fits…..Wear It!

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 ……………….If not – go shopping! An astonishing 2/3 of women aren’t properly supported!  A bra not only supports the bust, but a good bra will also support the back and shoulders too.  So, wearing the wrong sized bra can result in musculoskeletal pain over time, along with the undesirable visible profile! Many people choose a bra for aesthetics over performance …

Free Spinal Assessement

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To coincide with BackCare Awareness Week 2018 (8th-12th Oct) – highlighting the cause and effect of back pain in older adults – we’d like to offer you an opportunity to have a chiropractic spinal assessment absolutely free. To take advantage of a 15-minute check of your spine, please call 01242 222111 and book your appointment today. On the day, should …

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How To Treat Low Back Pain

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One continually growing health issue across the developed world, is low back pain, with millions of people reporting the condition and businesses suffering losses through employee absences. In the UK it reported that low back pain is responsible for 37-44% of all chronic pain disorders and is estimated the effects of low back pain costs the economy £12-13 billion annually.* …

Back Pain In Older Adults

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The theme of BackCare Awareness Week this year (8th-12th October 2018) is ‘Back Pain in Older Adults’. BackCare states, ‘Back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions among older adults aged 60 years and older. Many causes of lower back pain are age-related with physical and psychosocial changes. There is a distinct lack of awareness, especially in older …

Children and Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractor, Mel Folly explains how chiropractic treatment can be used on children. Children do suffer many aches and pains during childhood, where their bodies are growing and developing rapidly, especially from 8-16 years. We often hear the words ‘growing-pains’, and these are usually due to the unequal growth of bones and muscles, where muscles are put under pressure and are …

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Golf & Chiropractic

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How Chiropractic Can Help Your Game By Stuart Kedge The Open was inspiring, the weather has been glorious, it’s the perfect time to get out on the course or visit the driving range to perfect your golfing skills.  Technique and practise will of course improve your play, but chiropractic care can actually help you reach your optimum performance. Here’s how: …

Watch Wimbledon Well

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Centre Court, Henman Hill or Simply The Sofa – Look After Your Back! Bring out the strawberries and cream, perhaps the prosecco, or just a cup of tea, and settle in for some (hopefully) sunny Wimbledon action. Two weeks of great afternoon TV, or maybe just the highlights in the evening. And if you are lucky enough to go to …

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

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Our new Chiropractor Mel has a keen interest in the treatment of women during pregnancy. She believes that “there is no better time to get your body checked than when you’re pregnant.” During the first trimester the baby is protected by the mother’s bony pelvis and amniotic fluid. As the baby grows the mother’s spine, muscles and ligaments add support. …

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Everyday Activities That Can Damage Or Aggravate Your Back

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Back pain isn’t always as a result of injury or specific spinal problems. Day-to-day activities can put pressure through our spine – causing or exacerbating pain. Rob Grace, Chiropractor highlights a few of these activities and what you can do to prevent spinal damage/pain. Lifting: lifting incorrectly will put strain through your back and this is not just with heavy …

Kinnective – The Fascinating Fascia Treatment

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A number of Regency practitioners took part on the ‘Kinnective Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization’ (ISATM) course, held at the clinic recently, taught by renowned chiropractor, Donna Strachan – designer of the treatment tool.  This technique uses a small stainless-steel hand-held tool to break up adhesions in the body’s fascia.  It’s a ground-breaking piece of equipment and all practitioners were impressed with …