Which Sleeping Position Is Best?

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By chiropractor – Rob Grace We are frequently advised that our body and our overall health can be enhanced with quality sleep and 8 hours a night is the recommendation.  That is one third of our lives asleep, one third of our lives lying in bed.  So, if we are sleeping in a bad position, we could actually be causing …

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If The Bra Fits…..Wear It!

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 ……………….If not – go shopping! An astonishing 2/3 of women aren’t properly supported!  A bra not only supports the bust, but a good bra will also support the back and shoulders too.  So, wearing the wrong sized bra can result in musculoskeletal pain over time, along with the undesirable visible profile! Many people choose a bra for aesthetics over performance …

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Golf & Chiropractic

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How Chiropractic Can Help Your Game By Stuart Kedge The Open was inspiring, the weather has been glorious, it’s the perfect time to get out on the course or visit the driving range to perfect your golfing skills.  Technique and practise will of course improve your play, but chiropractic care can actually help you reach your optimum performance. Here’s how: …

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Holiday Health

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Everyone wants to stay healthy for their summer holiday, which is usually the biggest holiday of the year.  Likewise, we all want to be able to ‘do’ lots of things – whether that is water-sports, sight-seeing, golf, tennis or simply playing with the children in the pool/garden.  Number one problem; many people have a sedentary work/lifestyle and sit at a …

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

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Our new Chiropractor Mel has a keen interest in the treatment of women during pregnancy. She believes that “there is no better time to get your body checked than when you’re pregnant.” During the first trimester the baby is protected by the mother’s bony pelvis and amniotic fluid. As the baby grows the mother’s spine, muscles and ligaments add support. …

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Everyday Activities That Can Damage Or Aggravate Your Back

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Back pain isn’t always as a result of injury or specific spinal problems. Day-to-day activities can put pressure through our spine – causing or exacerbating pain. Rob Grace, Chiropractor highlights a few of these activities and what you can do to prevent spinal damage/pain. Lifting: lifting incorrectly will put strain through your back and this is not just with heavy …

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Man’s Best Friend – Beware A Few Dog Ownership Health Hazards!

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Believe it or not, owning a dog can come with a health warning!  We see a variety of injuries at the clinic, derived from your oh-so-innocent four-legged friend. Shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries being most common, through to sprained ankles and other slip trip incidents. Our dog has an obsession for furry tree rats – and before we could physically …

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Kinesio Tape – What Is It?

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Kinesio tape (K-tape) is the name of the brightly coloured tape you may have seen applied to many a sportsman/woman over the last few years.  In fact, at London 2012 it was novel to see an athlete without it.  But K-tape is not only used within the sporting arena, you may have noticed a friend or colleague exposing a decorative …