Ski Strengthening Exercises

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by Matt Wagstaff (Sports Therapist) When preparing yourself for a skiing trip, you hope to be ‘ski fit’, but what does this mean?  Yes, aerobic fitness is required (gained through cardiovascular exercise such as running, swimming, cycling – anything that gets you out of breath and breaking a sweat), but to protect yourself from injury, strength is probably the most …

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Golf & Chiropractic

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How Chiropractic Can Help Your Game By Stuart Kedge The Open was inspiring, the weather has been glorious, it’s the perfect time to get out on the course or visit the driving range to perfect your golfing skills.  Technique and practise will of course improve your play, but chiropractic care can actually help you reach your optimum performance. Here’s how: …

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Holiday Health

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Everyone wants to stay healthy for their summer holiday, which is usually the biggest holiday of the year.  Likewise, we all want to be able to ‘do’ lots of things – whether that is water-sports, sight-seeing, golf, tennis or simply playing with the children in the pool/garden.  Number one problem; many people have a sedentary work/lifestyle and sit at a …

Watch Wimbledon Well

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Centre Court, Henman Hill or Simply The Sofa – Look After Your Back! Bring out the strawberries and cream, perhaps the prosecco, or just a cup of tea, and settle in for some (hopefully) sunny Wimbledon action. Two weeks of great afternoon TV, or maybe just the highlights in the evening. And if you are lucky enough to go to …

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The Core – More Than A Midriff

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With summer here and the thoughts of beach bodies – be that bikinis or six-packs – one main contributor to a great looking midriff is the core. But, strengthened and activated correctly, the core can do more for us than hold our tummies in! Matt Wagstaff (massage therapist and personal trainer) explains: The bodies core; arguably a combination of the …

Cycling Can Be A Pain In The Back

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With the Sportive season well and truly underway – but still many more to come – we thought it was a good time to look at a common cycling problem (especially in long distance cycling), low back pain. So what’s the recipe for biking discomfort? Main contributors to low back pain when riding are:- poor core strength, poor flexibility, poor …

The vertical Spine – Use Your Core

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By Personal Trainer, Katie Brighton When we think about our core training regime we must first understand it’s primary function. The core, which involves a great many muscles from your diaphragm to you pelvic floor, is designed to stabilize the spine during movement in multiple planes, whilst allowing the limbs to move freely. It will function most efficiently while using …