low back pain

How To Treat Low Back Pain

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One continually growing health issue across the developed world, is low back pain, with millions of people reporting the condition and businesses suffering losses through employee absences. In the UK it reported that low back pain is responsible for 37-44% of all chronic pain disorders and is estimated the effects of low back pain costs the economy £12-13 billion annually.* …

Cycling Can Be A Pain In The Back

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With the Sportive season well and truly underway – but still many more to come – we thought it was a good time to look at a common cycling problem (especially in long distance cycling), low back pain. So what’s the recipe for biking discomfort? Main contributors to low back pain when riding are:- poor core strength, poor flexibility, poor …

Keeping Christmas Full of Festive Cheer – not Aches and Woes

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Christmas should be a time to enjoy time with friends and family and not making appointments to see us!  Unfortunately we all rush around throughout December, stressed with preparations or finishing off at work, pushing ourselves in many ways and often feeling the inevitable aches and pains creep in.  Then BANG, Christmas is here and we stop, change our daily …