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If The Bra Fits…..Wear It!

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 ……………….If not – go shopping! An astonishing 2/3 of women aren’t properly supported!  A bra not only supports the bust, but a good bra will also support the back and shoulders too.  So, wearing the wrong sized bra can result in musculoskeletal pain over time, along with the undesirable visible profile! Many people choose a bra for aesthetics over performance …

Back Pain In Older Adults

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The theme of BackCare Awareness Week this year (8th-12th October 2018) is ‘Back Pain in Older Adults’. BackCare states, ‘Back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions among older adults aged 60 years and older. Many causes of lower back pain are age-related with physical and psychosocial changes. There is a distinct lack of awareness, especially in older …

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Holiday Health

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Everyone wants to stay healthy for their summer holiday, which is usually the biggest holiday of the year.  Likewise, we all want to be able to ‘do’ lots of things – whether that is water-sports, sight-seeing, golf, tennis or simply playing with the children in the pool/garden.  Number one problem; many people have a sedentary work/lifestyle and sit at a …

Common Swimming Injuries

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Sports Massage Therapist, Hannah Gamble, has been swimming competitively for many years – through school and university, and now enjoys swimming for recreation, along with some teaching. She understands what is involved in both training programmes for competitive swimmers as well as the biomechanics involved in the different swim strokes. Here, she talks about common swimming injuries, why they occur, …

Kinnective – The Fascinating Fascia Treatment

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A number of Regency practitioners took part on the ‘Kinnective Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization’ (ISATM) course, held at the clinic recently, taught by renowned chiropractor, Donna Strachan – designer of the treatment tool.  This technique uses a small stainless-steel hand-held tool to break up adhesions in the body’s fascia.  It’s a ground-breaking piece of equipment and all practitioners were impressed with …

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Massage Is Maintenance

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Massage is often deemed as an indulgent treat and perhaps for some, this is true.  But we can never avoid the healing ability of massage however luxurious it seems – massage simply put is beneficial to our health.There are many types of massage, but we wanted to discuss Sports Massage and why regular “maintenance” treatments are valuable. Massage works on the …

Tennis Elbow

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What Is It? Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is pain caused by the inflammation or micro tears to the muscles and tendons of the forearm where they attach to the bone just below the elbow. The damage is caused by over-use or over-loading of the forearm – such as in tennis (especially with poor technique, late hits or wrong grip size), but …

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The Core – More Than A Midriff

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With summer here and the thoughts of beach bodies – be that bikinis or six-packs – one main contributor to a great looking midriff is the core. But, strengthened and activated correctly, the core can do more for us than hold our tummies in! Matt Wagstaff (massage therapist and personal trainer) explains: The bodies core; arguably a combination of the …