Getting One Step Ahead This New Year

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In January, we hear about all the planned fitness resolutions; to take up a new sport, focus on losing weight, getting fit, a healthier diet and these are all fabulous! But, while splashing out on a gym membership or fitness class bookings, can we also recommend that if there is one thing you are going to invest in this year, …

Foot biomechanics

The Windlass Mechanism & How It’s Linked To The Body’s Biomechanics

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Physiotherapist, Alex Conty, explores the windlass mechanism of the foot and how this can affect the rest of the body. A ‘windlass’ refers to a centuries-old mechanism used for shifting heavy objects.   The windlass apparatus is a lifting or pulling device consisting of a rope or belt winding around a horizontally placed drum that rotates by motor or by …

Running – What Actually Happens?

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By Physiotherapist, Alex Conty We all know the various benefits of running, it improves cardiovascular function, reduces risk of stroke and heart disease, reduces blood pressure, improves bone density, its good for weight management, and mental alertness.  It also helps to alleviate symptoms of depression, to name only a few! To prevent running injuries and/or simply improve on our running …