low back pain

How To Treat Low Back Pain

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One continually growing health issue across the developed world, is low back pain, with millions of people reporting the condition and businesses suffering losses through employee absences. In the UK it reported that low back pain is responsible for 37-44% of all chronic pain disorders and is estimated the effects of low back pain costs the economy £12-13 billion annually.* …

severs in active children

Heel Pain in Children – Sever’s Disease

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Sever’s Disease – What Is It And What Can Be Done? By Hannah Gamble (Sports Massage Therapist) Despite sounding quite scary, Sever’s disease is a common heel injury that effects children between the ages of 8 and 15, most regularly seen between 9 and 12/13. It usually occurs during a growth spurt in physically active/sporty children and can be very …

Common Swimming Injuries

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Sports Massage Therapist, Hannah Gamble, has been swimming competitively for many years – through school and university, and now enjoys swimming for recreation, along with some teaching. She understands what is involved in both training programmes for competitive swimmers as well as the biomechanics involved in the different swim strokes. Here, she talks about common swimming injuries, why they occur, …

Kinnective – The Fascinating Fascia Treatment

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A number of Regency practitioners took part on the ‘Kinnective Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization’ (ISATM) course, held at the clinic recently, taught by renowned chiropractor, Donna Strachan – designer of the treatment tool.  This technique uses a small stainless-steel hand-held tool to break up adhesions in the body’s fascia.  It’s a ground-breaking piece of equipment and all practitioners were impressed with …

kinesio taping

Kinesio Tape – What Is It?

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Kinesio tape (K-tape) is the name of the brightly coloured tape you may have seen applied to many a sportsman/woman over the last few years.  In fact, at London 2012 it was novel to see an athlete without it.  But K-tape is not only used within the sporting arena, you may have noticed a friend or colleague exposing a decorative …

Sports Massage Treatment

Massage Is Maintenance

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Massage is often deemed as an indulgent treat and perhaps for some, this is true.  But we can never avoid the healing ability of massage however luxurious it seems – massage simply put is beneficial to our health.There are many types of massage, but we wanted to discuss Sports Massage and why regular “maintenance” treatments are valuable. Massage works on the …

Tennis Elbow

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What Is It? Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is pain caused by the inflammation or micro tears to the muscles and tendons of the forearm where they attach to the bone just below the elbow. The damage is caused by over-use or over-loading of the forearm – such as in tennis (especially with poor technique, late hits or wrong grip size), but …

Mat’s Triathlon Story So Far – Regency Sponsors GB Triathlete

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Hi I am Mat Bissett, I am a triathlete from Cheltenham and I am extremely proud to be representing Great Britain in the 2017 Kitzbühel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships in June. I am also pleased to confirm that the Regency Clinic is one of my sponsors – helping to keep me in peak condition – with chiropractic, physiotherapy …

Dry Needling & Manual Therapy

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By Massage Therapist, Matt Wagstaff The origin of acupuncture derives from eastern traditional Chinese medicine suggested to go back some 3,000 years to its origin. Dry needling or medical acupuncture, as it’s sometimes referred is a derivative of the traditional Chinese acupuncture, though its foundation of use often follows slightly different theories and pathways. Within Chinese medicine, acupuncture is aimed …