The Importance of Exercise for Children

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Starting out in life being active has a huge impact on the rest of ones life. Encouraging and supporting children in all physical activities benefits them in a number of ways.

10 reasons to get your kids active from an early age:

  • Daily activity and exercise helps prevent childhood obesity and results in a higher percentage of continued activity into adulthood.
  • Interactive exercise and games help children to develop good communication skills, the ability to better interact, with a sense of empathy and support.
  • Active children show greater cognitive abilities associated with classroom activities, improving concentration and mental application.
  • Exercise and outdoor play help decrease anxiety and depression in children, exposure to sunlight helps mood and reinforces a positive mental state.
  • Physical activity improves coordination, balance and spatial awareness.
  • Studies show that children with ADHD benefit from exercise because of neurological effects and responses that occur within the brain as a result of exercise.
  • Exercise and activity improve self-awareness and efficacy with regard to self-image.
  • Wellbeing and health promote the subtle need to live well, combatting the pressure of social media and peer behaviour currently impacting children’s opinions.
  • Exercise and activity improve appetite, the importance of eating well and hydration should naturally be encouraged by parents.
  • Active exercise improves bones density, increases strength and muscle.
  • Promotes sleep, appetite and concentration. All of which benefit not only our children but all generationssevers in active children

Get active, stay active, be healthy and make the most of life from an early age.

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