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2018 brings an exciting new chapter for us here at the Regency Clinic and we are thrilled to announce that we have joined The Medical group of primary healthcare clinics.

The Medical owns a portfolio of highly regarded clinics across the country.  The company shares our patient focused values and strives to enable patients to live happy and healthy lives.  Its mission is to provide easy access to exceptional healthcare and you will continue to receive this with us at the clinic.

Please rest assured that despite a change in ownership, any changes to the clinic will be kept to a minimum – you will continue to be greeted by our cheerful reception team and treated by our specialist practitioners.   You will notice a gradual modification in signage, logo and email address, but very little else.

All changes and developments The Medical plan to make make over time will be for your benefit, such as a dedicated patient login allowing online appointment bookings and access to information.

Despite taking a step back from management, I will continue to be involved with the development of the clinic under The Medical contributing knowledge and experience from my 18 years clinic ownership.  One of my business values has always been to put my patients first, delivering exceptional treatment and service.  I feel confident that now, under the care of The Medical, they will continue to offer this and more!

So, for the clinic’s future, it is onward and upward, and as always, we look forward to continuing to give you and all our patients quality care and excellent service.


Rob Grace

Rob Grace chiropractor

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