Maxine Bocock

Massage TherapistBA (Hons) Dip TCM

Maxine is an oriental bodyworker with over 14 years’ expertise in Thai Massage; Tui Na Massage and manipulation, Indonesian Massage and Acupuncture. She has successfully treated hundreds of people, fixing problems, helping maintain good levels of health and flexibility and improving the quality of performance and life for people.

Maxine has a number of areas of expertise, including extensive treatments on pain – acute and chronic, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), back problems, biomechanical dysfunction, post-operative rehabilitation, as well as massage for maintenance – general muscle condition, as well as maximising performance and injury prevention.

Maxine has a particular interest in treating difficult to diagnose, painful syndromes such as Polymyalgia; Fibromyalgia; M.E., and somatised distress, she also has high success rates in treating arthritic and degenerative pain; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; pain from injury or overuse.

For RSI problems, Maxine uses a combination of massage, manipulation and acupuncture significantly improves pain levels and motor function. Maxine has seen many clients with carpal tunnel syndrome; tennis elbow; temporal mandibular joint syndrome; golfers elbow; footballer’s groin and gained good results.

Maxine can successfully treat certain conditions which can be difficult because of provoking inflammatory response such as Facet Joint Syndrome and Sacro-iliac joint inflammation, these she often treats with the use of acupuncture combined with her other massage techniques.

When looking at biomechanical dysfunction, Thai massage is extremely effective at dealing with this problem as it focuses on the kinetic chain, rather than on a specific injury. Soft tissue techniques combined with deep, assisted stretching re-establishes full range of motion.

Maxine sees many clients for post-operative rehabilitation, specifically around knee and hip replacement and laminectomy or spinal fusion. The majority of these clients are older people whose ability to engage in vigorous exercise or physical therapy is compromised.

Maxine is registered with BRCP and ICNM.