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Centre Court, Henman Hill or Simply The Sofa – Look After Your Back!

Bring out the strawberries and cream, perhaps the prosecco, or just a cup of tea, and settle in for some (hopefully) sunny Wimbledon action. Two weeks of great afternoon TV, or maybe just the highlights in the evening. And if you are lucky enough to go to Wimbledon, then it’s a full day of travel, queuing and watching.

You can guess where this is going……being seated and stationary for any length of time is not good for our bodies, especially the spine. So, being glued to a match can result in a few unnecessary problems. If we are not sitting well (with good posture), it puts excess pressure and strain through the spine and connective tissues, while parking ourselves on a comfy sofa allows certain muscles to switch off completely, which can also have a negative effect on blood/lymph circulation.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – we want you to enjoy the tennis, so we are serving up a few tips to keep you comfortable!

  • The number one rule is to move! Get up, move, stretch as often as you can – maybe make it a rule that you stand every time the players change ends? And if this is tricky court-side, then try to change your position regularly. Just a little tweak to your posture, will activate / switch off different muscles.
  • Watching at home – why not sit on the floor (this will make you move more regularly due to discomfort!!), sit on a gym ball or even stand (perhaps take out the ironing at the same time?)
  • Avoid sitting with your legs crossed
  • Engage your core (deep supportive stomach muscles) – try to keep your core muscles gently activated, this will help to avoid slumping and support the lower back.
  • If you are standing in a queue for a long time, keep moving, trying not to always rest the same leg/hip and keep your core muscles activated as above.
  • Finally, if you are going to Wimbledon, take a hat and sunglasses, wear high factor sunscreen, and if it’s a little chilly, stay warm to avoid tensing up / hunching the shoulders. Remember to stay hydrated.

For advice on posture, activating your core or core strengthening, contact the clinic to be pointed in the right direction, physiotherapy, chiropractic, personal training (and functional core class) or Pilates.

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