Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Can It Help You?

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Women’s Health Issues

  • Pelvic girdle joint pain
  • Core instability
  • Abdominal muscle separation
  • Posture in pregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation and recovery
  • Pelvic floor weakness and trauma
  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic floor muscle pain and tightness
  • Antenatal deconditioning.
  • Gynaecological symptoms and menopause

Women’s Health Physiotherapy focuses on conditions related to obstetrics (pregnancy), gynaecology and continence.   It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 women experience women’s health problems during their lifetime, but many tolerate these problems, not appreciating that effective treatment is available, or feeling too embarrassed to speak to anyone about it.

During pregnancy a high percentage of women experience pelvis or back pain.  This is common, but not necessarily normal.  Physiotherapy treatment, exercises and advice can alleviate pain, and prevent further issues.  We can give guidance with posture, gait, exercise, the use of maternity aids and pain management, as well as relaxation and breathing for delivery preparation.  Pelvic floor and core stability assessment and training are also addressed during obstetric appointments.

Gynaecological health.  As many as 43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction or how to exercise these immensely important muscles effectively.  Pelvic floor strength can be assessed, and we can provide a range of advice and treatment to improve its strength before you start to experience difficulties.  Incontinence of the bladder and bowel affects around 5 million people in the UK, mainly women.  Due to the sensitive nature of these health care issues women can take up to ten years before seeking help. We can give advice on incontinence, retraining and strengthening exercises, specific treatments as well as information on training aids, dietary intake and even menopause management.

We don’t want women to shy away from addressing these issues, as they impact on so many parts of their lives.  We are professional, confidential, sensitive and understanding in our approach, and aim for patients to feel comfortable and positive under our care.

Obstetric Treatments

  • Exercise advice and guidance
  • Posture (including positions of ease) and gait training and advice
  • Trigger point release and myofascial stretching (Postnatal scar massage)
  • Muscle stretches and strengthening
  • Fitting and appropriate use of maternity aids
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques, preparation for delivery
  • Conservative (drug-adjunct or alternative) pain management
  • Pelvic floor and core stability assessment and retraining exercise

Gynaecological Treatments

  • Bladder and bowel retraining
  • Posture training and breathing exercises
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Trigger point muscle and myofascial stretching for pain relief
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Advice on pelvic floor training equipment
  • Advice on menopause management
  • Guidance on fluid and dietary intake

About Sophie Pearce

Chartered Physiotherapist, Sophie Pearce offers Women’s Health consultations/treatments, but she is currently on maternity leave.

New Patient – assessment and treatment, 60 mins

Follow up Treatments – 30 mins


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